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the constructor

This class is declared as:

public class HitiPPR_GetPrinterInfo extends HitiPPR_PrinterCommand

It's constructor (which is called from SendPhoto()), does not look very interesting

    public HitiPPR_GetPrinterInfo(Context context, MSGHandler msghandler)
        super(context, msghandler);
        m_AttrProductIDString = null;
        m_AttrFirmwareVersionStringLength = -1;
        m_AttrFirmwareVersionString = null;
        m_AttrSerialNumberStringLength = -1;
        m_AttrSerialNumber = null;
        m_AttrBatteryLevel = null;

(The super's constructor is also boring. It simply initializes a whole bunch of variables.)


Well, not sure what is going on here. start() has not been implemented by HiTi, but takes us all the way in to Java.lang:

/** * Starts the new Thread of execution. The run() method of * the receiver will be called by the receiver Thread itself (and not the * Thread calling start()). * * @throws IllegalThreadStateException - if this thread has already started. * @see Thread#run */ public synchronized void start() { checkNotStarted(); hasBeenStarted = true; VMThread.create(this, stackSize); }