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Sample App

Under we find a sample webApp built upon

However, the sample WebApp has been modified in several ways. The goal is to quickly start a new webapp for a new url or idea that we have.

The sample webapp has the following entry-points

The identity class is set as 'identityClass' => 'common\models\User'. Our User class extends either from User_with_db.php or User_without_db.php. This allows for easy switching between User registration with a database, or in an array hardcoded in the User_without_db.php class.

publish assets

This sample app will publish assets if they are not there, even in production mode. But only in development mode, the assets will be (re)published on every request. This is achieved by `common/config.main.php':

    $config['components']['assetManager']['forceCopy'] = true;    

However, if the server supports Options +FollowSymLinks we can comment out the forceCopy and get superior performance and always-up-to-date assets by adding in `common/config.main.php':

$config['components']['assetManager']['linkAssets'] = true;